The most distinctive residence in town

Town Residences

The Town Residences are the only Bay House dwellings that are located directly on the courtyard instead of the Rijnhaven. What is also special is that there are only three of them. However, this is not the only thing that makes these apartments special. It is also the location on the corner facing the southwest that gives these apartments their own living quality. Because this means a lot of light, space and a view of the green ribbon provided by the roof garden. The three Town Residences each have a different outdoor space. The upper apartment has a patio, the middle has cantilevered balconies and the lower apartment has an outdoor area adjacent to the roof garden.


  • Amount of types: 3
  • Usable floor area: ranging from approx. 150m² to 180m²
  • Surface area of outside space: approx. 25m²
  • Startprice Rough (Shell): €911.000,-