A level above breathtaking.

Today, Rotterdam is booming and at the cutting edge of urban creativity as never before. ‘The new
capital of cool’ is the second-largest city in the Netherlands and has the largest harbour in Europe, but
above all excels in its talent for architecture and urban development. These are what have enabled
Rotterdam to grow into such a hip and desirable city for its residents and visitors alike. The
redevelopment of the Rijnhaven District is giving an added impulse to this growth. In this location, the
opportunity to live at the harbourside, at the very centre of the new inner city of Rotterdam, is
becoming a reality. All imaginable facilities are within easy reach, and surround you as impressively as
the view of the world-famous skyline of this cosmopolitan city.

Artist impression Bay House

The city is sparkling
like diamonds in the night.

Katendrecht is being reborn and rediscovered. With the greatest concentration of theatres in
Rotterdam, as well as countless well-loved restaurants and festivals, it has become a particularly
popular destination. In parallel with the development of Bay House Concierge Residential Living, the
complete entry point to Katendrecht is being renovated too. The ‘Rijnhaven District’ will become a
cosmopolitan environment for living in an exceptionally exclusive ambience. The appeal of the
harbour and the gritty character of the local industrial heritage make it a fascinating residential
environment. Add to all this the ambitious development of a five-star hotel, and a programme for
creating upmarket and individualistic retail stores, and it’s clear that Katendrecht is metamorphosing
into the high-end hotspot of Rotterdam.

Living the international dream.

A fantastic waterfront location with the loveliest views in the city centre: that’s what it will mean to
live on the Rijnhavenkade. Close your eyes and imagine having your own penthouse or apartment
built on your own ground, adapted to your own personal wishes, serviced at an internationally high
level, complete with a concierge and offering a host of other facilities. Until now, you could only
access this kind of residential experience by moving abroad, but the time has finally come for such
luxury to become available in Rotterdam. Discover Bay House: a very special kind of residential
lifestyle in the renowned Katendrecht neighbourhood on the Rijnhaven, with sweeping views over
Wilhelminapier and the Nieuwe Maas.

Artist impression Bay House

Concierge Residential Living

Residents of Bay House may take it for granted that their sustainable, top-quality home benefits from
services provided at an unprecedentedly high international level. What’s more, the apartments are
accessed via a private area: the residential concierge lobby. Naturally, in creating this superior form of
residential enjoyment, thought has also been given to being able to use – and actually own – a safe
parking spot for your vehicle(s) in the car park beneath the building, which is exclusively for the use of residents.
We have selected several highly reputable interior designers who are, upon your request, available to
fit out your new penthouse or apartment entirely according to your wishes.
Streamlined, eclectic, classic or eco chic? You may choose your own personal style.

Bay House

The residence is a pleasantly modest ten stories in height, and accommodates around a hundred
extremely luxurious apartments of different sizes. Anyone choosing to reside in Bay House has great
freedom of choice with regard to the size and arrangement of the apartments. You may even decide
to have more levels and light-filled atria affording tremendous views. Or what do you think of an
attractive double corner apartment with two balconies: one to the south and the other overlooking
the Rijnhaven?

Interieurimpressie Bay House door Madelon Overeijnder
Interieurimpressie Bay House door Madelon Overeijnder

How do I get home

This place in the heart of the city is a breath of fresh air in terms of logistics. You park your car in the
private garage, which is exclusively accessible to Bay House residents. Should you be pressed for time,
valet parking offers the perfect solution: your car is driven effortlessly to you, enabling you to leave
immediately. Would you prefer to go by bike or metro instead? No problem. But if you should feel the
urge for a change of scene, ask the water taxi to take you home once in a while. Or take the
‘Rijnhaven route’ – just over Rijnhavenbrug – for a lovely walking tour full of new discoveries as you
pass by shops, art, culture, theatre, restaurants and terraces on the water. Even better, it’s all in your
new ‘back garden’.

Architect Joke Vos

After graduating from the Delft University of Technology, architect Joke Vos came to live and work in
Rotterdam. Joke has greatly enjoyed constructing buildings in the city of Rotterdam over the years.
She explains, ‘In Rotterdam, it’s often possible to achieve a high ambition within the constraints that
are present in every plan. I’ve been involved with the Kop van Zuid and Katendrecht area for the past
twenty years. In fact, the first construction studies on Katendrecht were carried out by my team and
myself. For Bay House, we are aiming to achieve a kind of tough elegance. The ambitions for this
entire area are becoming greater all the time: a unique new centre is being created for Rotterdam
and I am delighted to be able to contribute to this.’

Artist impression Bay House

Interior Architects

Upon your request, we offer the opportunity to get inspired by three highly reputable
interior designers. Streamlined, eclectic, classic or eco chic? You may choose your own
personal style. Below we will introduce you to Robert Kolenik, Mariska Jagt and Madelon
Overeijnder, who are available to fit out your new penthouse or apartment entirely
according to your wishes.

Robert Kolenik

The love of creativity runs through 36-year-old Robert Kolenik’s veins. In 2010 his current design
studio was born: Kolenik Eco Chic Design. It’s a name that immediately expresses Robert’s own style:
eco chic design. What does it actually stand for? According to Robert: ‘In one sense, it’s for the
balance between warm and natural materials, combined with a luxuriously, homely and modern style.
In another, it’s for producing custom-made designs that are made with sustainable materials, without
compromising on looks and quality.’ In every design he creates, Robert includes a surprising
experience. ‘For me, experience is above all synonymous with surprise. That same feeling got me
immediately when I heard about Bay House: a surprising project that for this reason perfectly
complements my own vision.’

Reference image
Reference image

Mariska Jagt

After a career in the hotel sector, 42-year-old Mariska Jagt decided to make a switch to interior
design. Within a relatively short time, Mariska has built up an impressive client list. Her style is of a
pronounced simplicity; serene and chic. Mariska explains, ‘Through the right combination of
aesthetics and characteristics, you create a restful environment that gives you inspiration.’ Rotterdam
is well-known territory for Mariska. She lived there for ten years and still has a warm connection with
the city: ‘I still love to come here. It’s the only Dutch city with a skyline, and that it continually dares
to put up buildings that challenge the status quo. This gives the city international allure, just as Bay
House is doing now. It’s a unique project that immediately appealed to me in a huge way.’

Reference image
Reference image

Madelon Overeijnder

Before 48-year-old Madelon Overeijnder started her own business – Design Unlimited – five years
ago, she worked for the renowned design firm Decoration Empire. Madelon developed her own
warm, eclectic look: a style that she feels is hard to define. She comments, ‘I always design according
to the wishes of my clients, which has led to many different interiors time after time. But a constant
theme in my designs tends to be the use of dark colours, details in the furnishings, and the use of art
or objects.’ Madelon expects residents of Bay House to have very high expectations, which her
personal approach will enable her to satisfy. ‘An interior must feel like a warm coat. In order to
achieve that, I have wide-ranging discussions with my clients and build up a good relationship with
them. This way, you can arrive at a personal interior which also has room for your granny’s antique
cupboard, so to speak.’

Artist impression Bay House
Artist impression Bay House

What can I do at lunchtime… or at night.

Not only Bay House and the establishment of a celebrated five-star hotel are giving the
transformation of the Rijnhaven a boost; the renovated food market and exclusive selection of new
restaurants and high-class shops also play a key role. Ranging from Michelin-starred restaurants and
designer stores to small-scale and individualistic boutiques, there’s a pleasing assortment to choose from.

The new hotspot in town.

Are you interested in becoming a part of Bay House Concierge Residential Living? If so, feel free to
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about this exclusive project at the Rijnhaven District.

The sale and construction of Bay House is expected to start in the second quarter of 2018. Expected delivery of the apartments will be approximately two years later.
It is also possible to rent an apartment at Bay House. We will communicate about the rental possibilities at a later stage.

Bay House is being developed by Frame Vastgoed. | Disclaimer