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This brochure about Bay House has been compiled with care to give an impression of the apartments and many of the possible options. The images shown are merely impressions, and no rights may be derived from them. The images are intended to provide the most accurate possible impression of the building and the apartments. The Artist’s Impressions in the brochure and the sales documents are intended to provide a suggestion as to how the furnishings could look, but are not included in the deliverables. It must be emphasized that this brochure forms no part of any sales contract, and contains no information that may be regarded on any such basis.

The illustration in this brochure is solely intended to provide a general impression of the intended position and location of the construction plan at this moment. No rights may be derived from this illustration. Kindly take into account that the layout of public and other spaces may change, thereby possibly affecting the construction plan. For information about existing and future plans for this area, you are advised to contact the Council. We also suggest that you follow relevant media news reports.

On this website of Bay House (bay the disclaimer of Frame Vastgoed is also applicable.